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Module builder bolt-on [T]
Module builder bolt-on [T]

Create your own learning modules for your organisation!

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CybSafe's Module Builder is a bolt on which allows you to build your own modules for people to complete alongside our CybSafe modules. Your created modules are accessible in the Module Library, included in reporting, and can be downloaded as SCORM files.


Your company has a policy where people should not share Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on Slack, amongst other various security practices. Using Module Builder, you can create a module on this with a quiz at the end to ensure the content is understood, and assign it to specific groups (eg. Customer facing teams) using our learning campaigns.

How to build a module

Login then navigate to the Module library page, you can find this in our menu under GUIDE > Learning > Module Library from the Administrator menu. Click on the ‘Create Module +’ button and follow the step by step guide outlined below:

  1. Configuration

  2. Create your content

    Tip: Use the visual editor to add images or videos to your content if you wish. Videos are embedded rather than hosted, so you'll need to have your video on a URL that your organisation can access.

  3. Quiz

    Add the quiz questions- if you don't want a quiz, then just leave this section blank.

  4. Review

    Check you are happy with the content you have added! Once you are happy with it, click 'Publish module' and the module will be ready to be used in campaigns. If you want to save it as a draft, then click 'Save for later'.​

If you are interested in adding this bolt-on to your current CybSafe package, your CSM will be happy to provide further information.

What's new in the module builder?

  1. Support for videos, when self or third party hosted

  2. Full editing capability after you've published your module

Still have any questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact the team at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any further concerns.

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