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How-to guide: Adding annotations & replacing content
How-to guide: Adding annotations & replacing content

A quick step-by-step guide to adding annotations and replacing content with annotations

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This document is split into two quick guides and will break down ‘how to add annotations’ and ‘how to replace CybSafe content with annotations’.

How to add annotations

Step 1: Choose where to add the content

Find the 'anchor' for where you would like to add the annotation. Click on the "Annotate" link to the right of the content you wish to add detail to.

Step 2: Toggles!

Decide if you wish to have this published immediately or not. By having "publish annotation" toggled on, when you hit the 'submit' button, this will publish straight away.

You can leave this toggle off and come back to publish it at a later date.

For information on 'replacing content', scroll to the next section.

Quick tip: If you want to remove an annotation, simply make sure both these toggles are turned off.

Step 3: Write the content

Give your annotation a relevant title and add the information you want users to see within the content box. Here’s an example of advice for Kinsella Ltd. about in-person social engineering.

Step 4: Select groups

Select which groups will receive the annotation. By not selecting a group, everyone will be able to see this annotation when published.

Step 5: Publish

To publish your annotation (if the "publish annotation" toggle is on) click "Submit".

When an annotation is published, all users will be able to see it (assuming the annotation has not been restricted to individual groups only).

Published annotations will be displayed in a box with a CybSafe logo next to it just like the example below:

Please note: You will not be able to edit module titles or end of module quiz questions with this feature.

How to replace CybSafe content with annotations

As an admin, you also have the ability to replace content in modules. You may wish to do this for a number of reasons. The advice we provide doesn't quite suit your organisation or you want to add a link to a policy for example.

Follow these next steps to replace content.

Step 1: Choose the content to replace

Click on the "Annotate" link to the right of the content you wish to replace.

Step 2: Toggles!

You will see a toggle to "Replace content". Toggling this 'on' will result in the annotation replacing the content, rather than appearing alongside it.

Step 3: Write the content

For the example below, we're replacing content in the Malware and breach recovery (training style) module, specifically the section on "Plugging in devices". We want to add a link to policy on work devices. We liked the content that was already there, so copied this into the box, but added a link to our own policy.

Quick tip: If you wish to just remove content and not replace it, simply put a space in the 'Title' and 'Content' fields here.

Step 4: Check toggles

Make sure "Replace content" and "Publish annotation" have both been toggled 'on' at the top of the page

Step 5: Publish

To action the replacement of content click "submit" at the bottom of the page.

The content will now be changed.

Additional resources

If just adding annotations isn't enough, CybSafe also has a Custom module builder. Speak to a member of the CybSafe team to see if you have access to this bolt-on package.

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