Add CybSafe to your LMS

CybSafe can be added to most learning management systems. Read this guide to find out how to do so

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Learning management systems (LMS’s) are software applications. They help you administer, track and deliver educational courses, training programs and learning and development programs.

Integrating CybSafe with your LMS could help improve access to CybSafe and centralise progress reports for LMS Administrators.

Before you start

CybSafe supports Single Sign On (SSO, see here). Implement SSO before you get going for the optimal experience when integrating an LMS.

How to integrate

  1. Create a new course or learning object in your LMS.

Create a course called “CybSafe” in your LMS. This course will redirect and log people in to CybSafe.
You can also create a learning object for each individual piece of content such as a Module, Goal or Advice entry.

This article will give you information on creating links to our platform, How to make links to the CybSafe platform.

Once CybSafe is on your LMS you can download HTML buttons that will direct your people to our login page.

To download these buttons navigate to our Admin Toolkit and go to "Login Assets" from here you can download an HTML button in either orange or teal.

You can also download the buttons as a .png file if you wish to include your own link to CybSafe.

2. Assign modules to your people in CybSafe

In CybSafe, you can assign modules to different people. As an example, you can assign the “IT & Security Professionals” module to your IT personnel.

You can do so manually through CybSafe, or you can do so automatically by syncing your AD solution.

3. Sync progress & reports with an LMS connector

You can periodically download CSV exports from CybSafe and import the progress data into your LMS. Alternatively, you can build your own LMS connector using our API (available to customers on an Enterprise Plan, contact us for details).

An LMS connector may be an extension of existing LMS capability, or your own scripts/crons that sync data. A data-flow view is shown below:

Can we add CybSafe as a SCORM file?

Available only on GUIDE.

CybSafe is a data-driven solution. We use data for personalisation and to show you where you’re at risk. Traditional SCORM approaches with an LMS restrict data capture, so CybSafe isn’t currently available as a SCORM file with static content*.

However, CybSafe offers 'smart' SCORM files - which are available to customers using SSO here.

These replace Step 1 above

  • These temporarily (and almost invisibly) redirect users from your LMS to our platform for the user to complete one of our modules.

  • Once they're done with the module, they're sent straight back to the LMS again.

  • Module completion is then recorded in both your LMS and CybSafe.

  • This also means that if we update a module - you don't need to upload a new version to your LMS.

If you have a use case for an LMS integration, or want to know more, then our product team would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at [email protected].

*It is also possible to create simple SCORM files with one-way links to CybSafe if you wish to start users' learning experiences from a centralised location. These are 'one-way' because CybSafe will not send the user back to the LMS in this version.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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