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Explainer: CybSafe certificates
Explainer: CybSafe certificates

Download our certificate and show the world you are CybSafe

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If you would like your users to obtain a CybSafe certificate they will need to complete a learning campaign that you have decided will grant them a certificate.

Key points

Assigning CybSafe certificates

There are two ways that someone can receive their CybSafe certificate.

  1. By completing a learning campaign where an admin has configured the campaign to issue the CybSafe certificate after completion. This toggle is available on the 'Configuration' page when creating a new campaign:

  2. Completing the 8 core modules in the 'CybSafe Essential modules' which can be selected in the 'Campaign templates'.

Once either of these learning campaigns are complete, an email from CybSafe with a link to download your certificate will arrive. Check out this how-to guide for assigning CybSafe completion certificates

Finding certificates

Completion certificates are usually sent to a user upon completion, but if they cannot find this don't worry as you can download the CybSafe certificate straight from your account. 

Follow these steps:

  • Log into your CybSafe account here,

  • Click on the tab "Progress" in the top menu on your screen,

  • In the 'Learning progress' box, click the link directly underneath it titled "View your certificates"

  • In the "your certificates" page, you will see the button to 'Download' your certificates in the right hand column.

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