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How-to guide: Assigning CybSafe completion certificates
How-to guide: Assigning CybSafe completion certificates

A guide for assigning CybSafe certificates to users

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If you would like your users to obtain a CybSafe certificate they will need to complete a learning campaign that you have decided will grant them a certificate.

This can act as proof of completion of their assigned modules.

You can choose which learning campaigns will allow people to receive a CybSafe certificate when creating a campaign.

Step by step

Adding a certificate to a new learning campaign

Step 1

When creating the learning campaign, on the 'configuration' step you will see the toggle for 'CybSafe certificate'. Turn this toggle on for this to activate. Click next.

Step 2

Continue with the learning campaign creation process as usual.

Adding a certificate to an existing learning campaign

Step 1

From the learning campaigns overview page, click the 3 dots next to the campaign. Click the 'edit' button

Step 2

On the 'review' page, next to 'configuration' select the (edit) hyperlink.

Step 3

Switch the 'CybSafe certificate' toggle to on as shown below.

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