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Reference guide: CybSafe content
Reference guide: CybSafe content

An overview of the content in CybSafe

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CybSafe is split into short engaging modules. There are three types of modules that people can take.

  1. Training modules - Classic, paginated cybersecurity awareness training. Straight to the point.

  2. Story modules - Blogs with key topics and security behaviours baked-in for a smooth reading experience.

  3. Video modules - For the visual learners. Key cybersecurity principles discussed in dulcet tones with relevant imagery to aid knowledge retention.

Each module takes between 2 - 8 minutes to complete. You can see these in the 'Module library'.

For more information on CybSafe modules, You can see these the module library reference guide.


From the admin menu, select GUIDE > Learning > Module library

You can see all modules, languages, authors, targeted behaviours and other information using the drop down arrows (read about behaviours in SebDB).

Using the drop-down filters, you can find modules based on:

  • Style - Select between Story and Training styles.

  • Languages - Supported CybSafe languages can be found here.

  • Authors - Search for specific authors.

  • Behaviours - Narrow down by SebDB behaviour.

  • Status - Published or unpublished

Additional resources:

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