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Reference guide: Module library
Reference guide: Module library

An outline of the entire CybSafe module offering

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The Module library contains a bank of all our learning modules. There are three formats to these modules, 'Training', 'Story' and 'Video'.

See the list of our available modules below:

Training modules

We cover the following topics in a traditional training style:


  • Am I really a target? (3 minute read)

  • Passphrases (5 minute read)

  • Preventing identity theft (4 minute read)

  • Public Wi-Fi (2 minute read)

  • Browsing securely (3 minute read)

  • Device security (4 minute read)

  • Malware & breach recovery (3 minute read)

  • Social engineering (6 minute read)


  • IT and security professionals (8 minute read)

  • Finance & payments professionals (6 minute read)

  • Senior leaders (6 minute read)

  • HR professionals (7 minute read)

  • Client-facing professionals (6 minute read)

  • Managers and team leaders (4 minute read)

  • Privileged users (5 minute read)

  • Contractual, legal and commercial professionals (6 minute read)

  • Software engineering professionals (8 minute read)

Data privacy

  • GDPR and your rights (8 minute read)

  • Data privacy & your rights (8 minute read)

  • CCPA (10 minute read) - If your organisation operates in California and wants this module added to your account, contact [email protected] and we will add it for you.

  • Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) (8 minute read)

  • The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (6 minute read)


We cover the following topics in a story style.


  • Preventing identity theft (8 minute read)

  • Security incidents: Your role (6 minute read)

  • Passphrases (6 minute read)

  • Sophisticated attacks (6 minute read)

  • Working remotely (4 minute read)

  • Protecting your devices (6 minute read)

  • Are you really a target? (6 minute read)


Deep-dive modules focused on specific threats.

  • Focus: Ransomware (6 minute read)

  • Focus: Browser-in-the-browser (5 minute read)

  • Focus: Romance fraud (story) (6 minute read)

  • Focus: Physical security (4 minute read)

  • Focus: Supply chains (6 minute read)

  • Focus: Deepfake (4 minute read)

  • Focus: Spotting fake emails (5 minute read)

  • Focus: Childproofing cyberspace (4 minute read)

  • Focus: ChatGPT & the dawn of Large Language Models (LLMs) (4 minute read)

  • OWASP (7 minute read)

  • PCI-DDS (6 minute read

  • CybEssentials (3 minute read)


A set of video-only modules lasting up to 2 minutes each.

  • HR professionals

  • Privileged users

  • Managers and team leaders

  • IT professionals

  • Finance and payment professionals

  • Senior leaders

  • Am I really a target

  • Malware and breach recovery

  • Preventing identity theft

  • Social engineering

  • Device security

  • Browsing securely

  • Public wifi

  • Passphrases


From the admin menu, select GUIDE > Learning > Module library

You can see all the modules, their languages, authors, as well as behaviours targeted using the drop down arrows (read about our behaviours in SebDB) and other information.

Using the drop down filters, you can find modules based on:

  • Content style - There are two ways to present content, Story-style and Training.

  • Languages - narrow down by language. Supported CybSafe languages can be found here.

  • Authors - Search for specific authors, or whether you are looking for a CybSafe written module.

  • Behaviours - Narrow down by SebDB behaviour.

  • Status - Published or unpublished

Previewing modules

To preview a module, click the three dots beside the module. This will open the module in a new tab where you can annotate any sections and review the content.

Featured modules

If you wish to prioritise certain modules and topics for your people, you can do so using our featured module tool. This is especially useful once you have identified weak areas in your organisation. Your organisation’s featured modules are pinned to the top of your users home page, showing them what your organisation's cyber security priorities are.

From the Module Library page, you can find the module you wish to feature using the filters. Once located, click the three dots next to the module, and select ‘Featured’.

When a module is featured, a star will be shown beside the module title (see the screenshot below).

If you wish to un-feature a module, clicking the same 3 dots, you can de-select ‘Featured’.

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