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CybSafe is split into short engaging modules either in a traditional training form or in a story-style. Just complete them at your own pace, each module only takes between 6-13 minutes to complete.

Training style modules

We cover the following topics in a traditional training style.

  1. Am I really a target?
    This module shows users how to identify the different types of criminals who frequent and use the internet and asks the user to consider why they might be a valuable target for criminals. (9 minute read)

  2. Passphrases
    Users are taught a method for creating strong passphrases. The method has been developed in conjunction with psychologists so that users are able to create passphrases which are easily remembered but difficult for criminals to defeat. (11 minute read)

  3. Preventing identity theft
    Users are shown how simple it is to steal an identity. They are then provided the tools necessary to ensure neither they, their families or colleagues within their organisation become victims. (11 minute read)

  4. Public Wi-Fi
    This module teaches users to recognise if a Wi-Fi hotspot is unsafe and shows them the benefits of using Wi-Fi securely. (6 minute read)

  5. Browsing securely
    Users are shown how to identify unsafe websites quickly, accurately and consistently, stop websites from tracking them, disable internet adverts and boost their download speeds. (13 minute read)

  6. Device security
    This module teaches users how to setup and use computers and other internet connected devices securely. (11 minute read)

  7. Malware & breach recovery
    Users are shown how to spot the signs of a malware infection, including ransomware. They are taught how to prevent infections and how to help friends and family members should one of their devices become infected. It also informs what should be done if a breach is discovered. (13 minute read)

  8. Social engineering
    Users are taught how criminals conduct social engineering attacks by exploiting human traits, such as curiosity, courteousness, gullibility, greed and trust. They are taught how to detect and correctly respond to attacks to increase organisational security. (13 minute read)

These modules can be identified in Group Management, with the Content Type: "Module".

It is important to note that if you would like your users to obtain a CybSafe Certificate they will need to complete the above 8 Core Modules.

Data privacy modules

As data privacy laws become more widespread and important, CybSafe is here to help you comply with such legislation. CybSafe currently offers modules on the three most robust data privacy acts: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, applicable to organisations operating in the EU), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA, applicable to organisations that operate in California, USA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (applicable to organisations in South Africa). These modules are available at no extra cost when you purchase CybSafe.

GDPR and your rights

GDPR and your rights is an optional CybSafe module included free with your account.

GDPR and your rights isn’t one of the 8 core modules that make up CybSafe’s accredited course. However, we recommend your people complete the module, especially if your organisation handles a lot of client information.

If your people handle client data, GDPR means they have extra responsibilities.

(8 minute read)

The GDPR and your rights module explains the key points around:

  • Data protection

  • Changes for businesses

  • Individual rights

  • Personal and sensitive data

  • SARs

  • Audits

There is a version of our GDPR module for international users called Data privacy & your rights. (8 minute read)

The main difference is the International version contains fewer references to UK institutions and culture (for example National Insurance Numbers and the £GBP). Both versions give your people the knowledge they need to comply with GDPR regulations!


The CCPA module covers the California Consumer Privacy Act. The module explains what personal information is, what rights consumers have and how to respond to a consumer rights request.

The module also covers the four consumer rights under the CCPA and the rules that organisations must follow to ensure they protect people’s rights. (10 minute read)

CCPA is not available by default on your CybSafe account. If your organisation operates in California and wants this module added to your account, contact and we will add it for you.

Please note the CCPA module is currently available in English only.

Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

Our module on POPIA will inform your people on how to comply with South Africa's legislation on personal information. The module explores the eight pillars of privacy, roles that people play in protecting personal information, and data subject rights. (8 minute read)

Story-styled modules

We currently have seven story-styled modules with more to come.

  • Preventing identity theft (8 minute read)

  • Security incidents: Your role (6 minute read)

  • Passphrases (6 minute read)

  • Sophisticated attacks (6 minute read)

  • Working remotely (4 minute read)

  • Protecting your devices (6 minute read)

  • Are you really a target? (6 minute read)

You are able to identify these modules in Group management, with the Content type: "Story".

Role specific modules

Role-specific modules offer individuals in specific ‘high-risk’ job roles advanced and contextual information on preventing cyber attacks. These modules have been created with the specific role in mind, and include examples and case studies relevant to each one.

CybSafe currently has 9 Role-specific modules available:

  • IT & security professionals (8 minute read)

  • Finance & payments professionals (6 minute read)

  • Senior leaders (6 minute read)

  • HR professionals (7 minute read)

  • Client-facing professionals (6 minute read)

  • Managers and team leaders (4 minute read)

  • Privileged users (5 minute read)

  • Contractual, legal and commercial professionals (6 minute read)

  • Software engineering professionals (8 minute read) Please note: this is an early release module and is still under review. We would welcome any feedback from those who have taken this module

Threat focus modules

A set of fantastic modules that does a deep dive into a particular topic where your people may encounter a legitimate threat

Threat focus: Ransomware

CybSafe also offers our module dedicated to protecting you and your people against Ransomware. This module will go over what Ransomware is, how it gets into your devices and how you can contain and prevent it. This module is available to all accounts with access to the Awareness content. (6 minute read)

Threat focus: Browser-in-the-browser

Our module on Browser-in-the-browser (BITB) attacks will get your people up to speed on how to minimise the risks from these attacks. Following Paige, an office worker who falls afoul of a BITB attack, your people will discover how criminals use this tactic, what information they can gain from it, and how they can protect themselves from falling victim to it. (5 minute read)

Threat focus: Romance fraud (story)

Romance fraud is increasingly prevalent in the age of dating apps. Our module on the topic will show your people how to identify a romance fraud, common tactics used by these fraudsters and how to prevent being a victim of them. (6 minute read)

Threat focus: Physical security

Cybercriminals will always find dastardly new ways to stage attacks from a distance. But sometimes, they like to get up close and personal. In this module, your people will learn how to mitigate physical security threats. From protecting laptop screens, to preventing tailgating at security checkpoints; all the tools you need to stop you or your organisation becoming the victim of real-world fraudsters. (4 minute read)

Threat focus: Supply chains:

The Supply chain module will reveal how you can stop attacks in the chain, and reinforce your link. The module teaches what supply chain attacks are, how you may be at risk, and what you can do to stop them. All while learning about how orange juice is made! (6 minute read)

Threat focus: Deepfake

Show your people how criminals use deepfakes to build on already-established techniques and how to protect themselves from these sophisticated attacks. Helps your people to spot the real from the fake. (4 minute read)

Threat focus: Spotting fake emails

A great story showing a user how easy it is to fall for a fake email and how it can be done in a way to even fooled the White House. (5 minute read)


For organisations that handle and process cardholder data, compliance with PCI-DDS is vital to the success of your business. Our PCI-DDS module will take your people through what the standard is, how it applies to members of staff and what the goals of it are. It will also let them know why they may be a target of cyber attacks because of their position, and how to protect themselves form it.


Sometimes less is more. That’s why CybSafe has created a module that covers the most important security behaviours. From passphrases and multi-factor authentication, to URLs and antivirus. Our CybEssentials module has all videos, summaries and tips for the most impactful security behaviours in one place.

Assigning modules

You can choose which modules are assigned to your users by setting up a learning campaign.
Alternatively if you have not been migrated to learning campaigns, you can assign content to your users via the Group management page on the platform. More information on how to do this is available in the Group management article.


If you would like your users to obtain a CybSafe certificate they will need to complete the 8 core CybSafe modules, these are the training style modules.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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