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The Module Library contains a bank of all our learning modules. There are two formats to these modules, 'Training-style' and 'Story-style'.

Log in to CybSafe then navigate to the Module Library which can be found under Guide > Learning > Module Library from the Administrator menu on the main page.

You can see all the modules, their languages, authors, as well as behaviours targeted using the drop down arrows (read about our behaviours in SebDB) and other information.

Using the drop down filters, you can find modules based on:

  • Content style - There are two ways to present content, Story-style and Training-style.

  • Languages - narrow down by language. Supported CybSafe languages can be found here.

  • Authors - Search for specific authors, or whether you are looking for a CybSafe written module.

  • Behaviours - Narrow down by SebDB behaviour.

  • Status - Published or unpublished

Creating your own modules

If you have purchased the Module Builder Bolt-On, you can create your own modules to provide to end-users. Using Module Builder, you can ensure users are completing the training required to best protect your organisation. To find out more, check out this article.

Preview modules

To preview a module, click the three dots beside the module. This will open the module in a new tab where you can annotate any sections and review the content.

Featured modules

If you want to prioritise certain modules and topics for your people, you can do so using our featured module tool. This is especially useful once you have identified weak areas in your organisation. Your organisation’s featured modules are pinned to the top of your users home page, showing them what your organisation's cyber security priorities are.

From the Module Library page, you can find the module you wish to feature using the filters. Once located, click the three dots next to the module, and select ‘Featured’.

When a module is featured, a star will be shown beside the module title (see the screenshot below). If you wish to unfeature a module, clicking the same dots, you can select ‘Unfeatured’.

Still have any questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact the team at and we will be happy to answer any further concerns.

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