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How to guide: SAP SuccessFactors LMS integration
How to guide: SAP SuccessFactors LMS integration

A how to guide for setting up our SAP Success Factors LMS integration

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CybSafe supports a direct integration with SAP SuccessFactors, a popular learning management system (LMS). This how to guide shows you how to set it up.

This integration allows your people to use CybSafe normally, safe in the knowledge that your core course of compliance modules in SuccessFactors will be marked as complete when people complete the requisite modules in CybSafe.

How the integration works

This integration allows you to automatically record annual completion of mandatory training in SuccessFactors. It is whole course, rather than per module based.

A single course in successfactors is mapped to the award of a certificate from a learning campaign in CybSafe. Each year, when a user completes the campaign and gets a certificate, the date of completion is sent to SuccessFactors within an hour.

If you're looking for module level completion

This integration won't currently give you module level completion in SuccessFactors. As an alternative, you can opt to use SCORM files. Or integrate with our Awareness API to pull the data in (you may require middleware for this).

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Step by Step Guide

Currently, this integration isn't self-service, although that is coming soon.

There are steps that need to be taken by both CybSafe and yourselves.

Step 1

To get started, you'll need to reach out to [email protected] with the following information about your success-factors instance.

  1. Base url of your successfactors instance e.g

  2. SAP Application Client id

  3. SAP company name

  4. The completion status used by your SAP instance, e.g. Course-Complete

Step 2

The team will then get back to you with further instructions, including how to set up the necessary permissions on your SAP SF instance.

Step 3

Once that is configured, you'll need to create the necessary course in SuccessFactors and a learning campaign in CybSafe which must have the certificate enabled. You;ll need to provide the course name to us at this point.

Step 4

The Cybsafe team will then enable the integration.

Additional resources

If you want to understand further technical details, see section 6 of this SAP documentation here.

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