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Reference guide: Annotations
Reference guide: Annotations

A reference guide for the annotations feature

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“Annotations” are a CybSafe feature that allow administrators to add supplementary notes to CybSafe content. Annotations can offer extra information on aspects of security that are unique to individual organisations, while incorporating your organisations tone of voice.

Annotations help to reinforce organisational procedures and policies, and can also help relate CybSafe content to everyday security practices at your organisation. You can either add information alongside CybSafe advice with annotations or use this feature to replace CybSafe content with your own.

What does an annotation look like?

When an annotation is published, all users will be able to see it (assuming the annotation has not been restricted to individual groups only).

Published annotations will be displayed in a highlighted box with a CybSafe logo next to it, just like you can see in the example below:


You can see an overview of all your published and un-published annotations here.

You can navigate to the annotations page in the admin menu by selecting: GUIDE > Learning > Module library tab > View annotations

On this page, you can see the title and content of the annotations along with which module it is in. It will also inform you who created an annotation, when it was created, as well as it's published status.

You can filter annotations by module and published status using the filters at the top of the page.

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