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Explainer: Featured modules
Explainer: Featured modules

Prioritise your people's learning!

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If you wish to prioritise certain modules and topics for your people, you can do so using our featured module tool. This is especially useful once you have identified weak areas in your organisation. Your organisation’s featured modules are pinned to the top of your users home page, showing them what your organisation's cyber security priorities are.

Key points

Adding a featured module

From the Module Library page, you can find the module you wish to feature using the filters. Once located, click the three dots next to the module, and select ‘Featured’.

When a module is 'featured', a star will be shown beside the module title (see the screenshot below).

If you wish to un-feature a module, clicking the 3 dots and select ‘Unfeatured’. The page will then reload and you will see confirmation that an article has been featured/un-featured.


Any modules toggled “Featured”, will appear at the top of you users’ module section, and will look like this:

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