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Goals for administrators
Goals for administrators

Set up your own checklists of security behaviors for your people

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Goals encourages secure online behaviours among your people. For a more detailed explanation of what Goals is and how it works, check out this article.

As an administrator, you can create your own goals and actions for your people.

To create your own goals and next steps, navigate to Goals under Improve behaviours on the left hand menu:

Here you’ll see all of the goals you've made previously and their questions. Use the tab buttons to switch between your goals (Custom goals), goals produced by CybSafe out of the box and goals you've archived.

Assign Goals

On the above list you will see list of active and disabled goals. Active goals are ones assigned to your users, and disabled ones will not be visible to them.

To assign a goal to your users you can either select the three dots next to a goal and select enable. Clicking this will assign the Goal to your organisation.

If you wish to assign multiple Goals at a time, you can select several goals by clicking the checkbox next to them. Then select enable at the top of the page to enable them.

Create a Goal

To create a new goal, click on “Add a new goal”.

1. You’ll be taken to this page:

Here you can select:

  • Set whether the goal is active or not.

  • The question type: either Binary (Yes/No) or Frequency (Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often, Always).

  • What the desired answer is for the question.

  • Which groups see your goal. If left blank, the goal will be available to all your people.

  • Which security behaviour the goal links to - find more info on the security behaviours at Setting this will allow your goal to influence the associated security behaviour score, viewable in the behaviour reports.

  • Optionally set a validity period. After the validity period expires, answers will no longer influence people's behaviour score and your people will be asked to answer the goal question again.

2. You can then populate the content for the goal in the next section, for each language as required. If you don't populate content for a particular language, then it will default to the English (UK) version.

  • The card title is your internal name for the custom goal. It won't be shown to your people.

  • The description should give a brief summary of what the goal is all about

  • The question is the question that your people will be asked when selecting the goal - they will be presented with answers according to the question type set as above.

  • Why it matters is supplementary information presented to users when they view the question. We suggest justifying why this question is important.

  • Save progress is the message presented to people when they answer the question but are assigned next steps as a result of a sub-optimal answer

  • Completion message - is the message shown to people when they complete all their next steps or get a perfect score. You can include links to additional, survey or reward material here.

3. The final section is to add next steps, which your people will see if they don't provide the optimum answer to the question:

Click on "Add next step" to create one.

After adding the next step, you will see it appear in the table:

4. Once you are satisfied with next steps, click next and go to the Review section

Once you are happy with the goal, click "Create".

Your shiny new goal will now appear in the "custom goals" tab ready for you to enable and use.

Remember, any goals you assign to your people will be visible to them on their homepage.

Additional Goals information

  • You can duplicate goals to create an alternative version. Perhaps you want to assign a slightly different custom goal to different groups - use the duplicate option below to create a copy of an existing goal

  • You can also create customised versions of the cybsafe goals in the same way. Note that copying a cybsafe goal will create a custom version in the custom goals tab.

  • If you would prefer to disable access to Goals, click “Goals Settings” and toggle “Enable Goals ”:

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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