Behaviour interventions

Set up just-in-time interventions to improve security behaviours in your organisation

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What are behaviour interventions?

CybSafe's automated behaviour interventions can monitor your workspace for security behaviours and nudge your people towards better ones.

Our interventions monitor your workspace for security behaviours and nudge your people towards better ones.

What behaviour interventions are available in CybSafe?

Right now we have the following interventions available for Slack, but more will be incoming and for different workspaces soon:

  • Malicious link-monitoring: CybSafe will detect and flag any malicious links your people share in Slack, letting them know it may be a risk. This intervention requires a Virus Total API key to work.

  • Password sharing: CybSafe will send a message to users when it suspects they have shared a password in Slack. They will then be asked if what they shared was a password or not and remind them of our advice when it comes to sharing passwords.

  • Detecting IBAN: Similar to passwords, CybSafe will flag to a user when it suspects a bank account number has been shared in Slack

  • Detecting credit card numbers: Same as above for credit/debit card numbers

How to set up the behaviour interventions in Slack

  1. Toggle your desired interventions "on".

  2. Click the ‘Add to Slack’ button on the Integrations page or click here.

  3. Click ‘Allow’ to accept the requested permissions. This allows CybSafe to monitor public and private channels that your Slack admin belongs to.

NOTE: If you've already set up Slack for communications, repeat all steps to enable Slack for interventions (including clicking 'Add to Slack').

OPTIONAL: to enable all private channel scanning, all of your users will have to install the Slack application. Simply direct your people here to install the Slack app.

Commonly asked questions

Does the integration apply to everyone at my organisation, and what happens when new people join?

Once enabled by your Slack admin, the integration will be active for all your people enrolled in both CybSafe and Slack. When new people join your CybSafe account, the Slack integration will activate automatically.

Why do I need to give CybSafe permission to view information about our people, workspace, channels and conversations as part of the setup process?

The integration requires an email address to link people’s Slack and CybSafe accounts. Workspace information allows CybSafe to check for new accounts and automatically add them behind the scenes.

Slack workspace conversations give us the potential to intervene on the detection of a risky security behaviour.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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