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CybSafe’s “Goals” feature consists of practical checklists on useful security behaviours that help keep you, your friends and your family safe online.

Where to access your goals

You will see Goals as soon as you enter CybSafe. On your homepage you will see "Goals" on your to do list, and a list of goals at the bottom of the page. These are all Goals that have been assigned to you by your CybSafe administrator.

You will also see your online resilience score which can be increased by completing your goals,

cybsafe homepage

Clicking on any of the the goals will take you to a list of assigned Goals.

There are two main sections of the page: the goals barometer and security behaviours.

The goals barometer shows how many goals you have completed and your online resilience score. This is a score out of 10 that is calculated based on how many actions you have completed within each of their security behaviours.

Completing your goals

There will be a list of security behaviours that your administrator has assigned for you to complete. You can complete these in any order, and any already completed behaviours will appear at the bottom of the list.

list of cybsafe goals

Clicking “View” on the behaviour will take you to a question based on that behaviour:

CybSafe goals

You can choose to answer immediately, or to be sent a reminder at a time of your choosing via email by clicking “send me a reminder about this”. An email will be sent prompting you to complete the action assigned to the behaviour, then log back in and complete it under Goals.

Once you submit an answer you will be taken to the next page. There will be an explanation of the behaviour, why it is important, and what next steps you can take to further increase your resilience score:

Checking off the “next steps” will increase your resilience score on the right, and is also required to mark the goal off as completed. You will be able to preview by how much when you select it. As with the previous behaviour, you can choose to be sent a reminder about any next steps too.

cybsafe goals next step

Once you have completed both the behaviour and any next steps assigned to it, you will have completed the goal. You will see by how much your score for that behaviour has improved, and also when the platform will check in on you to make sure you are still doing the behaviour.

cybsafe goal completion page

The goal will then be marked as completed and appear at the bottom of your Security Behaviours list. The score you receive here will also affect your overall resilience score at the top of the Goals page.

Goals in Teams and Slack

The administrator of your CybSafe platform may also send you goals via Slack or Teams depending on which you use.

You can complete these the same way you would on the platform, just in your chosen communication method.

cybsafe goals in slack

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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