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Reference guide: HRM events
Reference guide: HRM events

A reference guide for the HRM events page

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See a detailed log of all your human risk events (HRM events) in one place.

The HRM events is a feature designed to continuously display ongoing HRM events within your organisation. This serves two purposes:

  • Demonstrate the platform's constant activity and background operation.

  • Shows CybSafe as your central hub for HRM processes.

Functions of the HRM event viewer:

  • Visibility: gain insights into the volume of HRM events occurring, even outside of regular working hours.

  • Workflow automation: some HRM event data can be leveraged as triggers for automated workflows (more coming).

  • Reporting: The ability to generate reports on HRM events based on various criteria such as region, department, or custom groups (future functionality).

  • Group creation: Filter HRM events to create user groups based on specific activity (future functionality).

  • Remediation and intervention: Automate or expedite corrective actions in response to pre-selected HRM events (future functionality).

The data in the HRM event page updates every 15 minutes.

What does the HRM events page look like


Access the HRM events through: Admin menu > Reports > HRM events.

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