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Creating custom landing and intervention pages
Creating custom landing and intervention pages

Your how-to guide for creating custom landing pages and intervention pages with PHISH

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Custom landing pages

Our phishing emails will always have a "landing page" which is a simulated attack website that users are brought to after clicking a link on a simulated phishing email.

You can create your own landing pages from scratch or by editing an existing landing page created by CybSafe.

To do so, head to PHISH > Landing page library. You will find a list of landing pages CybSafe has already created.

From here you can preview or duplicate existing templates. If you duplicate a template it will show at the top of the library. You can then edit the template by clicking the three dots and selecting edit. Alternatively if you want to create a new page from scratch, click "Create a new landing page".

You'll be taken to the above page. From here you can edit the HTML of the page to suit your purposes.

Please ensure you follow the requirements outlined on the page.

After you are finished, select "Create landing page". Your new landing page will appear in the simulation library and you will be able to select it as a landing page when creating custom emails, as outlined earlier in this article.

Custom intervention pages

Our intervention page appears when a user exhibits a high risk action (entering credentials or downloading an attachment) with a simulated phishing email.

The default page includes a short video on phishing emails, an explanation of what has happened and some advice on how to avoid being caught out by them. It will also direct users to the Social engineering module in CybSafe which covers how phishing attacks work.

Administrators have the ability to edit this page to include organisation-specific advice such as referring to specific P&P's or letting your people know who to report suspected phish's to.

To create your own intervention page, go to PHISH > Intervention library. You will see a list of existing intervention pages. To create a new one select "Create new intervention page".

You will see the HTML editor. Here you can edit the intervention page how you desire.

Our default intervention page has space for a logo. If you have added one during Platform Branding, this will show in the logo space. If you have not, then the CybSafe logo will show there. If you wish to not have a logo, you can remove the piece of html referencing the logo (search 'logo' within the html text).

Once created you can preview your intervention page using the 'preview' button to check it displays correctly. If you're happy with how it looks, click 'create intervention page. It will then show up in the intervention library.

Please note: The intervention page selected will be universal for your whole organisation. Different intervention pages cannot be attached to different emails.

Still have any questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact the team at and we will be happy to answer any further concerns.

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