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Running phishing simulations
Creating custom phishing templates
Creating custom phishing templates

Your how-to guide for creating custom phishing templates including use of our AI-powered phishing simulation templates

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Phishing template library

CybSafe has a number of pre-built phishing simulation email templates for you to choose from. Over 200 in fact!

You can find them by navigating to PHISH > Template library

Creating custom phishing emails

You can also create custom email templates to simulate phishing attacks that are specific to your organisation.

This feature can be found on the 'Template library' page. Here you can see the entire list of both CybSafe default and your custom-made email templates.

To get started with creating your own phishing simulation emails, click 'Create a new email'.

Here is a sample of the editing page where you can create and design your own custom phishing emails:

You can choose to create the phishing email with our text editor or by using HTML. We also now have the ability for AI to generate a phishing email too.

Our text editor will allow you to upload images and link to other URL's. You can also include personalisation tokens such as a first or last name that will be dynamically changed depending on the recipient.

Once you have created a custom phishing email, you'll be able to view it in the simulation library and will have your organisation name as the author.

Create AI-powered phishing simulation templates

To save you time you can use AI to build out any bespoke templates.

Click on 'create a new email', this will open our editor but you may spot a fancy new banner.

Click on Generate.

Simply choose the nature of attack, influence technique, emotional trigger and NIST difficulty score in the drop down menus. For more information on what each of these mean, visit our Phishing science page.

You can also give additional context on what you would like you template to be.

For example, your prompt could be: There is a new coffee shop opening near your office in Piccadilly Circus offering free coffees for the first week. You just need to sign up and give them some details to claim your free coffee.

Once you are ready click on 'Generate'.

After 15- 30 seconds your email will generate. You still have the ability to edit the content of the email to your liking and add images. Just like the standard custom template creator, you can edit in HTML or visual editor.

Here's an example:

When you're happy, click 'use template copy'.

You can then either, create your own landing page to link to this email or use one of the existing landing pages CybSafe provide in the landing page library.

Still have any questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact the team at and we will be happy to answer any further concerns.

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