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Latest release

Head to our Winter 2023 Release collection, to catch up on all of our updated help centre articles related to this release.

Some of our releases don't need their own article, but we thought it would be handy to list them out for you.

    • Get your people exercising essential security behaviours, knowledge and practices with this new template covering 27 behaviours over 3 modules: social engineering, device security and passphrases.

  • New simulated phishing templates taking us to 250+ templates based on recent trends and behavioural science.

  • Select phishing templates to include in your campaigns based on NIST Phish Scale difficulty levels. Use our filters in the template library to find any easy, medium or hard templates.

  • IP Addresses are now available in our Phishing activity logs.

  • 17 new templates based on phishing susceptibility insights, influence methods, and emotional triggers.

Previous releases

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