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How to use nudges and alerts with Learning
How to use nudges and alerts with Learning

How to use our built in and custom reminder emails

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πŸ’‘ NB: This article is only relevant to customers using learning campaigns.

GUIDE/GUIDE+ customers

You can now benefit from automated campaign specific nudges and alerts to send to your people. These replace the pre-existing learning reminder emails (once enabled on a given campaign) and additionally support communication via mobile push, slack and teams, if connected.

To set up campaign nudges and alerts - simply click the three dots on your chosen campaign via the learning campaigns page and select add nudge. Alternatively, click the prompt when creating a new campaign for the first time.

You'll see a screen like the below. There are three nudge/alert options, which in future we plan to allow you to pick and choose from. For now, however, all three must be used.

Simply choose the delivery channel of choice and click save to confirm. Your people will now benefit from three different nudges and alerts:

πŸ† Pro tip: If you're running multiple campaigns at the same time that will involve people being in many simultaneously, and don't want people to receive lots of notifications, consider only enabling nudges on your core campaign.

Nudge: campaign started

  • This nudge will be sent out to all members of a campaign from the moment it starts to inform them of new training. It can take up to an hour to send.

  • It is personalised to the user, includes the campaign they're required to complete and links to the learning platform.

  • New users added to campaigns after they've started will also receive this email when they're enrolled.

  • A sample is shown below:

Nudge: learning reminder

  • This nudge is sent out to people who are yet to complete the required modules on the campaign close to the completion deadline.

  • This nudge will start triggering once less than two weeks are remaining until the person in questions completion deadline.

  • The nudge will send daily.

  • A sample is shown below:

Alert: campaign completed

  • This alert will be sent to your people as soon as they complete the learning campaign in question.

  • It will congratulate them upon completing it and it will link back to help them obtain their campaign completion certificate if available.

  • A sample is shown below:

GUIDE+ customers only (coming soon)

GUIDE+ customers will benefit from additional nudge and alert capability which means that if you would prefer not to use our default template offering, then you can use custom templates instead.

To do this, you'll be able to use learning campaign started, slow progress and campaign completed trigger nudge options which you can use with any template of your choice. If you opt for this option, please ensure you've disabled any nudges created via the campaign settings.

You'll soon be able to find these triggers via GUIDE -> Nudges and GUIDE -> Alerts.

In the meantime, you can use nudges with audience rules such as learning completion date and course progress to target people with nudges to complete their training.

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