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Resetting users course progress and configuring auto-resets
Resetting users course progress and configuring auto-resets

Reset your users course progress manually, or with our automatic resetting tool

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CybSafe allows you to reset your peoples progress with our learning modules. They will have all their course progress wiped and will have to retake the CybSafe course in order to gain their certificate again.

Reset all users

To reset all your people’s progress, go to the “Overview” page underneath “People” in the left hand menu.

You’ll see a list of all your users. Tick the checkbox next to Name on the top row. This will select all users in your organisation. From there you can select "Reset learning":

Manual selection

You can reset the progress of specific people by checking the box next to their name. Select your users whose progress you want to reset, then select “Reset learning”:

Please note: your people will not be informed that their progress has been reset. Ensure you send out internal comms to let your people know they will have to take the course again. Alternatively if you set up automated resets you can choose to send out a notification email to your users.

Automatic resetting

You can also have your users course progress be reset automatically from the platform. You can choose from several different criteria when your users will be automatically reset.

To set up auto-resets, on the left hand menu navigate to Improve behaviours > Learning > Learning Settings.

At the bottom of this page you will see the option for setting up a "Reset Type"

Clicking on the drop down menu you will see a list of options to set up an auto-reset.

  • Never: users will only be reset when done so manually

  • Anniversary of course start date: progress will reset a year on from the date set in the earlier "Course start date" field.

  • Anniversary of user's completion date: users will be reset one year from when they completed all assigned modules. If additional modules are added then completed, this will move the users reset date to whenever they completed those additional modules.

  • Anniversary of user's join date: users will be reset one year from when they are added onto the platform.

  • Anniversary of certificate issue: users will be reset one year from when they gain the CybSafe certificate after completing our eight core modules. See CybSafe content for more information.

Resetting user progress automatically - Learning campaigns

You can also reset users progress in the learning campaign setup.

When you come to step 4 Schedule, you will be prompted to choose an end date for the campaign.

If you select Never (Ongoing), you will see an option for Reset user's progress, similar to Learning Settings. The options here are the same, but apply only to the modules you set in the campaign.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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