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Phishing UAT Testing Steps
Phishing UAT Testing Steps

Follow these steps to ensure you have configured everything ready for a Phishing simulation

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There are just a few steps to configure before sending out a Phishing campaign:

  • This ensure your environment can receive emails from both CybSafe and phishing simulations. You may additionally need to carry out steps on Mimecast.

  • In order to show the emails that were reported in the CybSafe Platform, you need to configure the 'Report' button to send the email on to us

Once you have configured the above, test the following:

  1. Send a test campaign in the Platform

  2. Ensure the email is received

  3. Click the link

    1. Does the link correctly open?
      If the IPs are not allowlisted, then you may get an error.

    2. Ensure any internet control software are configured to allow our IPs

  4. Ensure the clicks are registering (if you don't see it at first on the Platform, wait a day and see if it updates)

  5. Report the email (also will ensure that the reporting rules are set up, and that they are going where they want before they get hundreds of reported emails to the wrong place!)

  6. Send a second test email without opening or interacting with it. If a click or open is registered, then it is likely you have software in your tech stack that is 'opening' the email

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