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How-to guide: Branding the CybSafe platform
How-to guide: Branding the CybSafe platform

How to apply your organisation’s brand colour and logo to the CybSafe platform

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Our platform is designed with the utmost care to be accessible and appealing to all organisations that use it.

We understand however that sometimes you may need our platform to look just a little more in line with your organisations branding.

To help with this, use this tutorial to edit the colour scheme and add your logo to the platform as well as any emails CybSafe may send out.

Step by step guide

Step 1

Head to Settings > Platform settings > Branding.

Step 2

Edit the colour to match your organisation.

Step 3

Upload a logo for both light and dark theme. We recommend a size of 212x47. Accepted file formats are: jpg or png.

Step 4

Once you are happy with your colour after seeing a preview of it once selected, click 'Save' and the change will applied across your organisation.

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