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Using the Google Workspace integration for real time behaviour scores
Using the Google Workspace integration for real time behaviour scores

Install the CybSafe Google Workspace app and have workspace behaviours flowing into CybSafe

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CybSafe now has the ability to integrate with your Google workspace and feed in real-time security behaviour events from Google. These events then update people's behaviour scores that you see on the CybSafe platform.

The security behaviours that we currently support are:

Many more events coming soon

How do I integrate my Google workspace with CybSafe??

To set up the integration via the CybSafe Google Workspace app please follow the steps outlined here.

How do I see the results / what to expect?

You can see the effect of the Google Workspace data using our behaviour reports.

For instance, if one of your people adjusts their multi-factor authentication (MFA) settings in Google workspace, you'll immediately see it reflected in their MFA behaviour score on CybSafe.

Turning MFA off will reduce peoples' scores, whereas using MFA with a strong set up (e.g. authenticator app) will increase people's score.

What's next?

Imagine a CybSafe nudge which can be sent in real time off the back of one of your people disabling MFA without realising the consequences. That's where we're going next...

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