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Culture setup and graph
Culture setup and graph

Customise how and when the CybSafe culture survey gets sent to your people and analyse their results over time

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As part of CybSafe’s holistic approach to cyber security, we offer the ability to measure your organisation's attitudes and sentiment towards cyber security activities in the workplace. This is done via a survey sent to your people asking them to rank how they feel about certain aspects of cyber security in your organisation.

By default this survey is sent to your people when they login for the first time as part of the Initial Assessment. However you can change various settings of this assessment.

You can do this by coming to “Culture” on the left hand menu, under “Improve behaviours”. You will be taken to this page:

Here you have several settings to get the most out of the cultural assessment.

Culture Assessment: This allows you to turn off the culture assessment for all your people

Assessment notification email: If this is turned on then the platform will send an automated notification email to your people prompting them to complete the assessment. If the assessment type is set to “Frequency” this will be sent at whatever the defined interval is. If it set to “One-off” the email will be sent at the chosen date.

Mandatory assessment: Makes the assessment mandatory upon login. If this is disabled users are able to click a “skip” button in the survey.

Assessment type: You are able to choose whether the assessment is sent out as a one-off assessment or at a determined frequency. If “one-off” is chosen you can select the date which you would like the assessment to be triggered. Typically this will be the“go-live” date to coincide with your people logging in. If it is set to “frequency” then you will be asked to define the interval as to when the assessments are sent out in terms of months.

You will also be shown when your last assessment was sent out.

Culture graph and reporting:

The results of your Culture surveys can be seen in the Reports > Culture > Overview page. Here you will see a line graph charting your organisations changing scores on each of our cultural dimensions.

The X axis will begin from your first culture survey response and continue to the current date. The line will show a 6 month rolling average of scores from a particular date. This is to ensure you can see clear trends even when you don’t have data for a particular quarter.

You can additionally filter results by group by clicking the drop down menu in the top right corner. Additionally, results can be filtered to only include certain dimensions by selecting them below the graph.

Still have any questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact the team at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any further concerns.

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