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Email and phishing logs and what statuses mean
Email and phishing logs and what statuses mean

Learn more about our log pages and review the deliverability of CybSafe emails

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Our activity pages document recent CybSafe-related activities.

To get to our activity pages, first navigate to your CybSafe dashboard then click Logs on the left hand menu. Then Phishing emails logs

Phishing Log

The Phishing Log page reveals information on simulated phishing activity. It shows when simulations were sent. It shows to whom simulations were sent. It shows simulation subject lines. And it shows if and how people responded. For further insights, you can filter emails by status.

Email log

The Email log is similar to the Phishing log page. However, the page reveals information on standard emails CybSafe sends, rather than simulated attacks. Here you’ll find invitation emails, completion emails, reminders and CSV-Export emails:

You can filter emails by status.

Here is a full list of each status an email can have and what they mean:

  • Processed - Requests from CybSafe that have been processed.

  • Clicks - Whenever a recipient clicks one of the click tracked links in a CybSafe email.

  • Delivered - The accepted response generated by the recipients' mail server.

  • Opens - The response generated by a recipient opening a CybSafe email.

  • Deferred - The recipient mail server asked to stop sending CybSafe emails so fast.

  • Unsubscribe - Whenever a recipient unsubscribes from CybSafe emails.

  • Drops - Dropped emails occur when the contact on a CybSafe email is in one of our suppression groups, an email has previously bounced, or the recipient has marked CybSafe emails as spam.

  • Bounces - The receiving server could not or would not accept the email. If a recipient has previously unsubscribed from CybSafe emails, our attempt to send to them is bounced.

  • Spam reports - Whenever a recipient marks CybSafe emails as spam and their mail server tells us about it.

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