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Reinforce your peoples learning! What our refresher tests are, how they work, and how to measure their effectiveness

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At CybSafe we believe that the best way to learn isn’t with one-time, tick-box training.

People learn optimally when their understanding is continuously refreshed over a period of time. This is why CybSafe can send your people periodic Refresher Tests, designed to polish people’s security skills. 

What are refresher tests?

Refresher tests include a few short questions from our learning modules. Admins can set the frequency of refresher tests, as well as how many questions each test includes.

After being set up, the tests will go out to your people after they have completed all assigned modules.

The refresher test will be delivered via email and look something like this:

Once someone clicks "Take the Test", they will be taken to the CybSafe app.

There they will be asked a few questions on the modules they have taken. The test will look very similar to the end of module quizzes they have taken previously.

How are refresher test questions chosen?

Refresher test questions are personalised to an individual and take into account their interaction with our learning modules.

CybSafe will analyse a users confidence score, how many attempts they took at completing a module, time taken to complete a module, and more to determine what key areas of learning need to be reinforced by a refresher test.

For example, someone completes the Social engineering module but does so with a low confidence score and it takes them a few tries. CybSafe will ingest that data and understand that this person may need a few prompts in order to make sure they have fully understood the topic. The platform will then send a question on Social engineering to make sure this person fully understands the topic.

How to set up refresher tests

To set up refresher tests, select “GUIDE” from the left hand menu, then "Learning". Then click the tab, “Refresher tests”.

From here you can toggle refresher tests on and off, change the frequency of the tests, and change the number of questions in each test.

We recommend four weeks between tests of three questions for most organisations.

Your people will then receive refresher tests once they have completed all of their assigned modules.

How can I track refresher tests?

Organisation-wide pass/fail/ignored

For an overview of how your organisation overall is interacting with refresher tests, you can come to Reports > Learning > Overview on the left hand menu. Here you will see a breakdown of how many refresher tests have been passed, failed, or ignored in your organisation.

When a user is sent a refresher test, the default state is 'ignored'. When they attempt the tests, this will be updated to 'pass' or 'fail' depending on the result.

For example, in the below screenshot 12 people have ignored the refresher tests, 4956 have passed them, and 700 have failed them. If a user who has previously taken no action attempts the refresher tests and passes, this will reduce the ignored count to 11 and pass count to 4957.

Group comparison pass rate

You can also track groups refresher test pass rate in Reports > Learning > Group comparison.

Module knowledge retention

Administrators can also see which module's refresher test questions their users are finding easier or harder. Under Reports > Learning > Module comparison there is a column called Knowledge retention. The green bar and percentage refers to how many users, when receiving a test on this module topic, got the answer correct and has thus retained knowledge.

CSV Export

Refresher test results can also be downloaded as a CSV file from Reports > CSV Downloads. Select the Refresher report from the drop down menu, then click Generate report.

A CSV will then be added to the table below where it can be downloaded, and will also be emailed to whoever generated the report.

In the CSV you will see the following Columns:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Department

  • Groups

  • Archived (Yes/No)

  • Core Course Completion Date

  • Total Refresher Tests Sent

  • Total Refresher Tests Passed

  • Total Refresher Tests Failed

  • Total Refresher Tests Ignored

  • Latest Refresher Test Score %

  • Date Refresher Test Completed

  • Days Since Latest Refresher Test Completed

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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