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Reference guide: Organisation management
Reference guide: Organisation management

A reference guide for CybSafe partners on the functionality of the organization management dashboard.

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Organization management is a central place to view, manage and access customer accounts if you are a CybSafe partner.


From the right hand admin menu, under 'Settings' click 'Organization Management'.

On this page, there are filters at the top of this page for the account status, if it’s a trial account or demo account and a filter based on products.

Next is an overview of your management dashboard shown in the screenshot below. This shows:

  • Total number of organizations

  • Total number of active licenses

  • Total number of enrolled users

Depending on your partner type, you have the following options:

Below the overview, you will see the main table of client accounts.

From this table you can do three things:

  • Use delegated access by click one the account name hyperlink, which allows administrative rights to a customer account. Alternatively you can click the three dots, and then 'Delegated access'.

  • Edit organization details by selecting the three dots to the right of the table, then clicking 'edit'.

  • Create a new organization by clicking 'create organization' in the top right.

Additional resources

  • As a reseller, you will require group admin permission to access this dashboard. You can raise a service request with our Support team. MSP accounts have this permission as a default.

  • If your customer needs to provide consent for delegated access they can find out how to in this article.

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