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CybSafe's API's allow you to pull user data, training module information, phishing stats and culture survey results from our backend.

API access is restricted to customers that have purchased the API bolt-on. If you wish to upgrade and purchase the API bolt-on for access, please contact your CybSafe account manager or message [email protected].

What API's are available?

Users API

Returns a users name, email and, if they are imported via SCIM, their nickname, title, employee number and employee type.

Awareness API

Returns all the information the Users API does along with additional information on a users interactions with learning modules.

It will list a users last login, overall progress and confidence, and the date they were certified, if they have completed the eight core CybSafe modules.

Data on each of the modules a user has been assigned will also appear. It will list out the name of the module, a users progress in that module (100 being completed), their confidence score for that module, how long they spent on the module before completing it, and the date it was completed.

Phishing API

The Phishing API lists all phishing stats for each user. It details how many phishing emails have been sent and how many of those resulted in a low, medium, or high risk action. It also shows how many have been reported successfully if the report phishing integration has been set up.

Additionally, the Phishing API lists all CybSafe phishing emails that were sent to a user. It shows the subject line, date it was sent, the most severe risk action that occurred with the email, and when that event happened.

Phishing Campaign API

Returns information on phishing campaigns created in CybSafe. It will show how many campaigns have been launched.

It will also list out all the campaigns, showing the name, start and end date, total amount of users that were in the campaign, and if it is active or not.

Reports API

The Reports API's will give organisational overviews of CybSafe data.

The Awareness Reports API will give an organisational view of refresher test and confidence scores.

It will return how many refresher tests have been sent out, and how many of them have been passed, failed, or ignored.

Confidence scores will be shown at each stage of the CybSafe journey, and will show the organisations confidence at the initial assessment, when users started the course, when users have finished the course, and the confidence after a latest refresher test.

The Phishing Reports API returns the total amount of phishing emails sent to an organisation, and the events that occurred with them.

The Culture Reports API gives an organisational view of results for the culture survey. It will list out each cultural dimension and the amount of positive, negative, or neutral responses it received during the survey

Accounts API

The Accounts API will give you an overview of your organisation on CybSafe. It will tell you what your account ID is, your organisations name, how many licenses it has access to, when the accounts expiry is, if the account is active, how many users are uploaded, what license plan you are on, and when the account was created.

How do I get access to the CybSafe API?

Firstly, you will need to purchase our API Bolt-on.
Once this has been purchased and your account updated you will find our API token menu under Integrations

Please contact [email protected] for our API documentation.

Once you have entered the token into your system and input the API's you should be able to start calling results whenever you desire.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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