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How to install the CybSafe Google Workspace app and use Gmail phishing reporting
How to install the CybSafe Google Workspace app and use Gmail phishing reporting

Install the CybSafe Workspace app and have report phishing data from Gmail come through to CybSafe

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CybSafe offers a Google Workspace App that allows successful reports of CybSafe phishing emails in Gmail to be represented in phishing reports.

The first step is to install the CybSafe Google Workspace app

Installing the CybSafe Google Workspace app

To enable CybSafe to access Google Cloud Platform behaviour-related data, domain wide authority needs to be delegated to Cybsafe’s service account. See Google’s documentation for reference here

  1. Go to Security / Access and data control / API controls → Select Manage Domain wide Delegation, and Add new. Direct link

  2. The client id for our production app is: 112617549266209094482

  3. Click Authorize

  4. Enter your GCP Admin email and Google Customer ID Account / Account settings Direct Link

  5. Once the setup process has been finished on the Google Workspace Admin page, navigate to the 'Setup' tab at the top of this page. Input your Customer ID and Primary Admin Email into the CybSafe form and click Submit, to finish the integration setup in our system.

After this is completed the app will be installed.

Using report phishing in Gmail

Once the app has been installed users that successfully report a CybSafe phishing email will have that report come through on our reporting pages.

All a user needs to do is use the native report phishing functionality below:

If the reported email is a CybSafe phishing email it will be reflected in all our phishing reporting pages.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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