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CybSafe is split into short engaging modules. There are two types of modules that people can take.

  1. Training style modules

    1. Core modules

    2. Role specific modules

    3. GDPR & data privacy modules

  2. Story style modules

    1. Core story style

    2. Focus modules

Each of our modules take between 3 - 8 minutes to complete and you can see these in the 'Module library'.

Training style modules

We cover the following topics in a traditional training style.

Core modules

  • Am I really a target? (3 minute read)

  • Passphrases (5 minute read)

  • Preventing identity theft (7 minute read)

  • Public Wi-Fi (3 minute read)

  • Browsing securely (5 minute read)

  • Device security (7 minute read)

  • Malware & breach recovery (5 minute read)

  • Social engineering (7 minute read)

You can identify these modules in the Module library in the content style column listed as: "Training-style".

You are able to configure which modules someone must complete in order to obtain a CybSafe Certificate

Role specific modules

CybSafe currently has 9 Role-specific modules available. These offer individuals in specific ‘high-risk’ job roles advanced and contextual information on preventing cyber attacks.

  • IT & security professionals (8 minute read)

  • Finance & payments professionals (6 minute read)

  • Senior leaders (6 minute read)

  • HR professionals (7 minute read)

  • Client-facing professionals (6 minute read)

  • Managers and team leaders (4 minute read)

  • Privileged users (5 minute read)

  • Contractual, legal and commercial professionals (6 minute read)

  • Software engineering professionals (8 minute read) Please note: this is an early release module and is still under review. We would welcome any feedback from those who have taken this module.

Data privacy modules

As data privacy laws become more widespread and important, CybSafe is here to help you comply with such legislation. These modules are available at no extra cost when you purchase CybSafe.

  • GDPR and your rights (8 minute read)

  • Data privacy & your rights (8 minute read) - This is a version of our GDPR module for international users with fewer references to UK institutions and culture (for example National Insurance Numbers and the £GBP).

  • CCPA (10 minute read) - If your organisation operates in California and wants this module added to your account, contact and we will add it for you.

  • Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) (8 minute read)

  • The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (6 minute read)

Story-styled modules

We cover the following topics in a story-style.

Core modules

We currently have seven core story-styled modules with more to come:

  • Preventing identity theft (8 minute read)

  • Security incidents: Your role (6 minute read)

  • Passphrases (6 minute read)

  • Sophisticated attacks (6 minute read)

  • Working remotely (4 minute read)

  • Protecting your devices (6 minute read)

  • Are you really a target? (6 minute read)

You can identify these modules in the Module library in the content style column listed as: "Story-style".

Focus modules

A set of deep dive modules into a particular topic where your people may encounter a legitimate threat.

  • Focus: Ransomware (6 minute read)

  • Focus: Browser-in-the-browser (5 minute read)

  • Focus: Romance fraud (story) (6 minute read)

  • Focus: Physical security (4 minute read)

  • Focus: Supply chains (6 minute read)

  • Focus: Deepfake (4 minute read)

  • Focus: Spotting fake emails (5 minute read)

  • Focus: Childproofing cyberspace (4 minute read)

  • Focus: ChatGPT & the dawn of Large Language Models (LLMs) (4 minute read)

  • OWASP (7 minute read)

  • PCI-DDS (6 minute read

  • CybEssentials (3 minute read)

Assigning modules

You can choose which modules are assigned to your users by setting up a learning campaign.

CybSafe certificates

If you would like your users to obtain a CybSafe certificate they will need to complete a learning campaign that you have decided will grant them a certificate.

You can choose which learning campaigns will allow people to receive a CybSafe certificate when creating a campaign. You will see the toggle on the 'Configuration' page shown in the screenshot below:

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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