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Where to download our CSV reports, and what reports are available

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CybSafe offers a range of detailed and easy to understand reporting pages to help you understand the wealth of the platform is gathering.

Occasionally however we understand that some organisations have their own reporting methods, or want to display data in their own way.

To that end we have made almost all of the data on CybSafe exportable via CSV reports.

We'll show you where to download these CSV's and what type of reports are available.

How to download a CSV

1. Under "Reports", click "CSV downloads" from the menu on the left hand side hand side.

2. Click on the drop down menu to select between our available CSV reports.

3. Click the “Generate Report” button. You will receive the CSV via email and can also download it directly from the table.

You can download CSVs direct from in-app reports.

Wherever you see a Download CSV button on our reporting pages you have the ability to download the data from that report.

Once you have clicked Download CSV, the report will be emailed to you and will be available for future downloads from the CSV reports page.

Types of CSV reports

We have twelve different types of reports available to generate from the CSV Reports page.

1. Completion reports: Shows your users progress with the CybSafe modules. Displays how far a user is through a specific module, when they completed all their assigned modules and when they were certificated. This report is available for active and deactivated users. (Requires GUIDE or GUIDE+)

2. Refresher report: Shows how many refresher tests have been sent to your people, how many they have failed, completed or ignored and what score they achieved on their latest test. (Requires GUIDE or GUIDE+)

3. All users report: A report that shows a list of all users in your organisation. Shows groups a user belongs to as well as their overall progress with CybSafe.

4. Advice - Activity log: This report shows which Advice entries your people have been viewing. It shows when a user viewed an entry, what topic it fell under, and what the the title of the entry was. (Requires GUIDE or GUIDE+)

5. Advice - People comparison: A report that shows how many Advice entries have bee read by each user in your organisation. (Requires GUIDE or GUIDE+)

6. Advice - Most viewed: This shows which Advice entries have been most read by your people. It lists the most read to least, with a total number of times viewed for each entry. (Requires GUIDE or GUIDE+)

7. Phishing - Campaign comparison: A comparative report of all the different phishing campaigns your organisation has set up. The report details the name of the campaign, when it launched, and total amount of phishing emails sent. It also shows the percentage of emails either opened, clicked, had data submitted or were reported. (Requires PHISH)

8. Phishing - Group comparison: Breaks down phishing data by the groups your organisation has provisioned users into. Shows the number of people in a group, the amount of emails sent, how many were opened, clicked, had data submitted or were reported. (Requires PHISH)

9. Phishing - People comparison: Shows phishing data for each individual user. The report details the amount of emails sent, how many were opened, clicked, had data submitted or were reported by an individual.

10. Phishing - Activity log: This report displays information for each phishing email that CybSafe has sent out to your people. It shows who the email was sent to, what the event type was, when it was sent and what the subject line of the email was. It also informs what phishing campaign the email was a part of and what groups the user who was sent the email was in. (Requires PHISH)

11. Goals - Activity log: A report that shows all user interactions with our Goals feature. It will let you know what date a user interacted with an assigned goal, what behaviour the goal covered, and whether they provided an answer or chose to be sent a reminder about the goal at a later time. (Requires GUIDE or GUIDE+)

12. Goals - Most engaged: Shows the amount of times a goal has been completed, going from highest to lowest. (Requires GUIDE or GUIDE+)

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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