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Troubleshooting issues with CybSafe
Troubleshooting issues with CybSafe

Helpful tips to help us fix any issues you come across

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If you are having issues with accessing CybSafe you may come across error messages such as these:

When reporting an issue to us, please quote the Request ID to help us identify what is causing the issue.

Clearing your browser cache

Doing a refresh of your cache may resolve this issue for you. On the browser tab CybSafe is open in, hold CTRL + F5 to hard refresh the page, and attempt to login again. On a Mac hold ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift and then press R.

Clearing your browser's cache may also work, just make sure you don’t have any in progress work such as half filled-forms open when you do.

You can find instructions on how to clear your cache on all common browsers here.

Opening the developer console

Occasionally our support team may ask you to open your developer console to diagnose any issues you have. The console logs information associated with web pages such as network requests, Javascript and security errors.


To open the developer console window on Chrome, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift J (on Windows) or Ctrl Option J (on Mac).


To open the console on Edge, hit F12 to access the F12 Developer Tools. Once in the F12 Developer Tools, navigate to the Console tab.


To open the console on Firefox, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift K (on Windows) or Ctrl Option K (on Mac). The toolbox will appear at the bottom of the browser window, with the Web Console activated.


To open the console on Safari, you will first need to turn on the Develop menu. To do this, open the Safari menu in the Mac menu bar, then select Preferences. Once in the Preferences dialog, navigate to the Advanced tab, then check the "Show Develop menu in the menu bar" box.

Once the Develop menu has been enabled, you can go to the Develop menu in the menu bar and then select the "Show JavaScript Console" option. The JavaScript Console will show up on the bottom half of the active browser window.

Forwarding an email to support

Sometimes our support team will request you send them an email you are experiencing an issue with. If they ask you to do so, please send it to [email protected] by forwarding the email, rather than attaching to an existing email thread.

Browser details

Support may also ask what version of a browser you are using to diagnose an issue. This helps the support team identify if you are using an outdated version we may no longer support. To find this information for the most common browsers follow the below instructions:

Chrome: Select the three dots in the right hand corner. Select Help, then About Google Chrome. You will then see which version you are using

Edge: Select the three dots in the right hand corner. Select Help and Feedback, then About Microsoft Edge.

Safari: Choose Safari from the top menu. From there select About Safari.

Firefox: Click the three lines in the right hand corner. Select Help, then About Firefox.

Still have any questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact the team at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any further concerns.

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