How to add users

Create users individually or in bulk via a CSV import

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Cybsafe has four ways users can be added to CybSafe.

Create individual users manually

  1. Select “People” from the menu on the left hand side in your Admin menu

  2. Click on the Overview Page.

  3. Next, click the “Add people +” button to manually create an individual user.

  4.  You will be presented with all the relevant fields required to create a user. Fill in the details and click 'Submit'.

    > Email Address: Enter the users Email address, if you plan to use SSO this should be the email associated with your SSO setup, normally their primary email.

    > First name and Last Name: This ensures the user is identifiable and their platform emails will be a bit more friendly.

    > Language: You can select the users default language, this will define the language in their UI as well as the language of any emails sent out from the platform.

    >Timezone: Select the users Timezone if required, this is optional.

    > Groups: Assign the user to any groups, this enables better and more granular reporting and allows you to assign certain content or features based on the users group.

    > Country: This is optional however it will give your reporting an additional dimension where country information is available. Its always worthwhile filling this in when Known.

    > Type: This is where you can stipulate the users access on the CybSafe platform.
    Administrator gives them access to all reporting and features on the platform.
    Manager will provide them with access to limited reporting in line with their associated groups.
    User gives them only access tot he features as a user.

  5.  Once all of the details have been entered click on 'Submit' to create the user.

    Depending on your settings you may want to manually invite the user to the platform once created.

Upload users in bulk via a CSV

  1.  First, select “People” then "Add people via CSV" from the Administrator menu on the left hand side.

  2. Create your CSV file (you can download our sample template for guidance on what your CSV file should look like), then import your CSV file by following the on-screen instructions. Your CSV File should look something like this:

    Be Sure to follow the instructions for creating your CSV file.
    Do not edit the headers of our template they are case sensitive and must be accurate for the import to work.

    The headings must remain in English for the import to work.
    Any info in the Dept column will create a group under the root folder "Departments" in Group Management. If the department already exists users will simply be added to the group. Spelling and case must be identical to avoid creating a duplicate group.
    User Type (User or Admin) must be written in English.

    Please use our Country Codes as they are the only ones accepted by our Platform.
    We recommend uploading users in batches this also makes any troubleshooting easier.

  3. Next, click the “Choose file” button to start importing your users, click 'Submit' once you have chosen your required CSV file.

  4. Once processed, you will see your CSV upload history in the table below.
    In this table you can review the status and results of your uploads.

    You can download any error reports to correct any issues in your CSV, most errors are caused by users already existing on the platform.

Automatically add users via a user provisioning integration

The most scalable way to maintain your people on CybSafe and link up the setup of new users to your internal movers, joiners and leavers process is to configure a User Provisioning Integration.

This also allows you to sync user attributes from your directory to configure your users and ensure your reporting and Groups are as accurate as possible.

Utilise just in time provisioning

A seamless way to get users onto the platform is to ensure you have configured your SSO with CybSafe.

With just in time as long as a user is authenticated by the SSO integration and they login to CybSafe via SSO we will create a profile for them on your account.

Users can navigate to our Login page and click on the relevant SSO login button for your organisation. Alternatively you can share you unique SSO URL. Any user who clicks this will login to your account, more information can be found in our SSO Settings article.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via [email protected]. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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